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Legendary Punks The Vibrators Clear Out Their Archives For A Three-CD Box Set Of Vintage Demos!

What happens when a band like British punk icons The Vibrators, unearths a treasure trove of early demos from their early years as a band? They release it as a set of CDs for all of us to enjoy!

Punk fans know that the best punk recordings are of the raw, rough, “quick! let’s get it on tape before we forget the chords” variety. Those are the recordings that come straight from the heart, capturing the fire of the song’s initial inspiration before it gets piled on and choked out with overdubs and studio gimmickry.

The Vibrators recently discovered a treasure trove of early demos from the band’s early years. – a discovery that has made punk aficionados and Vibrator fans hurriedly rewrite their letters to Santa.


The Demos 1976-1978 is truly a piece of punk rock history. This three-CD box set includes many of the songs that made The Vibrators a household name and influenced generations of punks to come.

Listen to these raucous versions of ‘We Vibrate’ and ‘Judy Says (Knock You In The Head)’ that are arguably even better than the versions that ended up on their major-label studio albums. Check out the incredible 1977 demo version of ‘Automatic Lover,‘ a song they would re-record for their 1978 album V2.

“I think demos are very important. You can look at the song and see how much more might need doing to it,” vocalist and primary songwriter Knox reveals.

“The demo often becomes a kind of signpost to the band to show how the song should be developed and finished. It is sometimes almost like another member of the band. It is available for all sorts of changes, but in the end, even if it’s your song, you are in a band and not doing a solo project.”

‘The Demos 1976-1978’ also contains several tracks that never made it onto any Vibrators studio album! Rumour has it that for the group’s final album, set for release next year, Knox, Eddie and the boys took one of these gems and polished it up for a proper release.

But, until then, you can pre-order the box set, which comes in a clamshell box with a 12-page booklet of liner notes and rare photos, plus a button and guitar pick! Available everywhere not-so-fine punk rock is sold.

The Demos 1976-1978 drops December 10

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Track Listing

DISC 1: 1976

1. We Vibrate

2. Say Mama

3. Dance To The Music

4. Young Lust

5. She’s Bringing You Down

6. Interstellar Overdrive / Day Tripper

7. Andy Warhol

8. Ready Steady Go

9. I Can See It In Your Eyes

10. Bad Time

11. No Heart

DISC 2: 1977

1. He’s A Psycho

2. Feel Alright

3. But I Do

4. I Loved Her

5. Flying Duck Theory

6. Stitch You Up

7. Dong

8. Frontline Europe

9. Sometimes I Want It So Bad

10. City Of Mirrors

11. Public Enemy No. 1

12. 24 Hour People

13. Automatic Lover

14. Wake Up

15. Pure Mania

16. War Zone

17. London Girls

18. Wrecked On You

19. War Zone (Version 2)

20. 24 Hour People (Version 2)

DISC 3: 1978

1. Sulphate

2. Destroy

3. Fall In Love

4. Nazi Baby

5. Noise Boys

6. Judy Says (Knock You In The Head)

7. Fighter Pilot

8. Splitting Up

9. Ticket To Paradise

10. Pushin’ Too Hard

11. Eye Witness

12. Goin’ Uptown

13. She’s A Boy

14. Rain Rain Rain

15. One Time

16. Vipers In The Dark

17. Stitch You Up

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