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Laura Jane Grace surprise releases new EP

The transgender punk legend and founder, lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of Against Me! has casually dropped a new EP, the seven-track At War With The Silverfish.

“These are songs of late-night madness and loneliness, orphan songs that came wandering in looking to feed like insects,” Laura Jane Grace said of her new EP.

The stripped-back tracks were half recorded at Grace’s TinyQuietStudio in Chicago and half recorded at Electric Eel in St. Louis and then mixed by her Devouring Mothers bandmate Marc Hudson.

Reflecting on the album’s universal themes, Grace said: “I’ve learned that if you share your experience with good intentions that the universe will always surprise you with an abundant return.

“Every song is an act of faith; you don’t necessarily know why you’re singing it other than you know you’ve got to sing it.”

Next month she will be live-streaming her Live From The PV Patio performance on 9 October, tickets for which include a digital copy of the album.

Ahead of that, the EP’s available to stream in full right now, but those wanting a physical version will have to wait quite a bit longer – pre-orders are open for a 10″ version, her first release in that format. However, the current vinyl production delays mean it won’t ship until May 2022.

Laura Jane Grace surprise releases new EP

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At War With The Silverfish tracklisting

1. Three of Hearts

2. Lolo 13

3. Long Dark Night

4. Electro-Static Sweep

5. Day Old Coffee

6. Smug FuckFace

7. Yesterday Pt. II

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