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Laura Jane Grace Releases Good Video for ‘Terrible’ Song.

The Against Me! band leader, and punk legend, has put out a video for one of the tracks from ‘At War With The Silverfish’, the EP she surprise-released back in September.

‘Day Old Coffee’ may or may not be one of Grace’s favourite songs from‘At War With The Silverfish’ EP, but she seems far happier with the video.

She said: “It is a terrible song, but it’s a really, really good video, and I had a lot of fun making it.”

Directed by Chris Bauer and Richard Louis Ulrich, ‘Day Old Coffee’ has been given an appropriately caffeinated and amusingly literal treatment to match its lyrics about beverages “microwaved to boiling”.

At War With The Silverfish’s stripped-back tracks were half recorded at Grace’s TinyQuietStudio in Chicago and half recorded at Electric Eel in St. Louis and then mixed by her Devouring Mothers bandmate Marc Hudson.

The EP is already available digitally, but physical copies of the 10″ vinyl version aren’t due until May 2022.

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