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Las Vegas Punk Rock Bowling Festival Rescheduled Again

With no end in sight for the pandemic, Punk Rock Bowling is the latest festival to reschedule their already rescheduled dates!

Punk Rock Bowling, has announced that it will be postponing the 2021 version of the festival due to the ongoing pandemic. As reported in Punktuation back in September the festival was originally planned to go ahead in May of this year but will now be rescheduled for this autumn.

In a statement on their website, the festival stated that they are working on the lineup for the new dates and will be announcing the new dates and bands soon.

“Due to the lack of containment of the coronavirus pandemic, Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival will be moved to Fall 2021,” The statement reads.

“We had hoped that the promise of a vaccine release in December would be rolled out quickly, but clearly that’s not happening. The virus has not been contained and the large scale inoculations of the vaccine necessary to allow large gatherings will likely not happen in time for our May date.

Punkrock Bowling Fans!

“We are feeling very confident that the new vaccine plan that is being implemented will make it readily available soon.

“We are currently nailing down the lineup (with a few changes, but also some great additions!) for the new dates in Fall 2021. On February 16, we will announce the DATES, BANDS and REFUND options. Like you, we are just as anxious as the next Punk to get in the pit, hug our friends, chug some beers and watch some awesome bands, so please bear with us while we navigate through these difficult times.

“As we said before, we are gamblers, but gambling the lives of our PRB family is not something we would ever be willing to bet on. We want to make sure it is safe and there are few if any restrictions when that happens.

“Without your support, PRB doesn’t exist and we are so grateful to everyone who has helped keep this festival alive for over 20 years and has helped support live music during this shutdown. Our promise to you is that we will always make sure PRB is a safe and fun festival and we will do our best to make PRB the greatest punk rock party when we finally all meet again in Las Vegas!

“For now, we urge you to stay safe and do your part to keep others safe until we can all get vaccinated.


The PRB Crew

Punk Rock Bowling Festival

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