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LA Punks The Linda Lindas share new single ‘Resolution/Revolution’

The Linda Lindas Unleash a Riot Grrrl-Infused Rock Anthem!"

Since their formation in 2018, the young punks  (aged between 12 and 18) have had the opportunity to perform alongside notable acts such as Bikini Kill and Bratmobile. The Linda Lindas infuse their music with the feminist punk spirit that characterised the riot grrrl movement of the 1990s. With their fresh and contemporary take on the genre, they have captivated audiences

Their latest track, ‘Resolution/Revolution,’ delves into heavier influences, creating a defiant sound that aligns with their politically-charged lyrics. According to the band, Bela Salazar, the guitarist and vocalist, drew heavy inspiration from Pantera and Judas Priest while writing the song.

The band says: “She introduced a riff, and as we collaborated, it evolved into a composition about making small yet impactful contributions to address significant issues and effect change in the long run.”

“We have been performing this song live for a few weeks now and are excited to release it as a single, hoping it will energise and empower you!”

Despite the incorporation of heavy riffs, the song maintains a melodic quality, particularly during the chorus. The lyrics, such as “You don’t know how to face it/ Your arguments are baseless/ You don’t have any takes and/ Your sympathy is wasted,” are delivered seamlessly, drawing inspiration from mainstream pop influences.

In doing so, the band effectively conveys their message to a wide audience, blending the accessibility of pop with the raw energy and power of punk. Towards the end of the song, they repeat the chant “This is no resolution/ This is a revolution,” inviting listeners to join in.

While ‘Resolution/Revolution’ may evoke elements of Bikini Kill’s ‘Rebel Girl,’ The Linda Lindas have developed a more polished and approachable take on the riot grrrl genre, ensuring their voices resonate with a diverse audience. Their strategy seems to be paying off, as they are currently on tour with pop-punk icons Paramore.

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