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Knocked Loose Surprise Release New Singles ‘Deep In The Willow / Everything Is Quiet Now’

Kentucky hardcore punk band, Knocked Loose, unveils surprise release 'Upon Loss' featuring two blistering new singles.

Kentucky’s hardcore punk powerhouse, Knocked Loose, makes a thunderous return with their electrifying surprise release, ‘Upon Loss’ The album showcases two scorching new singles, ‘Deep In The Willow’ and ‘Everything Is Quiet Now,’ now available on streaming platforms. Accompanying these tracks is a brutal music video, featuring awe-inspiring cinematography directed by Eric Richter and the band’s vocalist, Bryan Garris.

Prepare for a sonic assault as ‘Deep In The Willow’ explodes with rage, fuelled by lyrics like ‘A KING TO NONE / Your greed lies deeper than blood.’ Meanwhile, ‘Everything Is Quiet Now’ concludes with a soothing fade-out, providing respite after the mind-bending heaviness. It’s a fitting end to a song laden with bone-crushing breakdowns and haunting lines such as, ‘In the dead of night, I was visited by death again / Upon loss / Everything is quiet now.’

The music video’s striking visuals owe their brilliance to the collaborative efforts of Eric Richter, a long-admired talent, and the creative ear of producer Drew Fulk. The band credits Fulk as a significant influence throughout the entire process, shaping the songs into what they are today.

Garris emphasised the band’s identity, stating, ‘Deep In The Willow and Everything Is Quiet Now are a reminder that we are heavy, intense, and extreme.’ He further expressed their artistic exploration, saying, “After A Tear In The Fabric Of Life, we were inspired to see how much art we could incorporate moving forward – which led us to a style of video we’ve never attempted or approached.”

Earlier this year, Knocked Loose captivated audiences at Coachella festival in Indio, California, igniting fierce circle pits and inspiring newcomers to embrace the hardcore community spirit. Commanding the Sonora stage under the night sky, the band drew an impressive crowd, witnessing the enthusiasm of concertgoers passionately moshing and crowd-surfing without hesitation.


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