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Lydon is continuing his rage against the Disney machine, labelling their upcoming Sex Pistols drama series ‘Pistol’ “a fairytale”.

Lydon takes to his socials again to blast his former bandmates and he’s very ‘pist’ off.

On his Public Image Limited socials, John Lydon’s team has accused Disney of stealing his former band’s past, saying, “We were originally led to believe “Pistol” was a Steve Jones story, not a Sex Pistols story. Going by the trailer it doesn’t seem to be the case.

John’s “likeness” is clearly being used to sell this series, a series he was not involved in and was put together behind his back. Putting words in John’s mouth and rewriting history. A middle-class fantasy.

“Disney have stolen the past and created a fairytale, which bears little resemblance to the truth.

“It would be funny if it wasn’t tragic”.

The six-part Sex Pistols TV series, Pistol, released its first official trailer. last week and is said to be based on guitarist Steve Jones’ autobiography, Lonely Boy, and stars Anson Boon as John Lydon.

Trainspotting director Danny Boyle is responsible for the project, which charts the Pistols’ formation and rise to national infamy in the late 1970s.


The series is produced by FX and distributed by Hulu, It’s set to land on Hulu on 31st May.

It’s widely known that Lydon is not keen on the project. Last year he tried to prevent Sex Pistols songs from being used in the show. The band took him to court and licensing rights were granted.

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