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John Lydon Calls Paul Cook and Steve Jones “filthy liars!” on Good Morning Britain today

John Lydon called his bandmates “liars, liars filthy liars!” on Good Morning Britain today after he lost a case against other members of the band over the use of music in Disney’s upcoming Sex Pistols series.

The lead singer of the Sex Pistols ripped into his bandmates Steve Jones and Paul Cook after they won a court case permitting them to license Sex Pistols’ music in the miniseries.

Lydon claimed he was only made aware of the announcement of ‘Pistol’ hours before it was made.

He said, “They kept the whole operation a complete secret behind my back. Then slung a nasty little email to us on January 4th this year demanding my permission. The obvious question from me was ‘permission for what?’


“Then bang. There it is. A few days later spread out all over the Internet spread out about what a lovely documentary this is going to be on punk using pictures of me and my wife Nora, now they know she’s ill. This is not nice of them, to do that. Then they forced me into a court case.

“They sue me for not giving permission, but I didn’t actually deny permission. I merely asked a question.”

GMB presenter Susanna interrupted Lydon saying: “Ok. We’ve got a statement from Steve Jones and Paul Cook. “We reiterate he was informed of the Pistol TV series, we offered him to be a director and to be involved in the show months before principal photography began.”

John snapped back: “Liars, Liars, Filthy Liars… January 4th was the first mention. Two-faced hypocrites! How are you going to do a documentary on punk without… hating to be pretentious about this, without Mr Rotten?”

Susanna continued to read the statement which said: “John’s contribution was rightly acknowledged.”

“It’s been rightly ignored,” he replied.

There’s certainly no love lost between the former bandmates and the chances of the Sex Pistols touring again seems all but gone!

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