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Monday, January 30, 2023

Jo-Jo and The Teeth announce new live shows

Jo Jo and the Teeth

Not resting on their laurels following the release of their album ‘No More Good News’, now Jo-Jo and the Teeth announce live dates at the Hard Rock Hotel.

If you’ve got a touch of the January blues and are looking for a bit of an energising pick-me-up to get your engines started, then look no further than glam punks Jo-Jo and the Teeth and their new album ‘No More Good News’.

Jo-Jo O’Donoghue has journeyed from the Rocky Mountains to the Isle of Wight, via Dublin, before settling in London. Collecting her band of merry men along the way, Jo-Jo and the Teeth cite influences from Queen to The Ramones, giving a sound of glam rock infused with punk, blues and pop which has a fun and energetic sound.  

The debut album ‘No More Good News’ is self produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Stafford, house engineer at The Albion Rooms, The Libertines HQ in Margate, Kent.

The album is 10 tracks of eclectic, retro sounding blues with a powerful vocal full of attitude and swagger from Jo Jo, accompanied by smart riffs and gritty rock sensibilities from an incredible band. There’s more than a dash of punk passion in the MO of this group. And they’re not afraid to mix it up with a varied platter of blues, rock n roll and an accomplished groove.

And now if you want a chance to see the band perform tracks from the album live and in style, then you’re in luck! The band have just announced they will be performing at the Hard Rock Hotel London on 24th February with further dates to be added for early March and beyond.

As much as you can practically hear the snarls come through the album, they need to be seen and experienced live!

‘No More Good News’ is out now and available to stream HERE.

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