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Jester On UK TV Show The Masked Singer Revealed As John Lydon

After being ‘unmasked’ The Sex Pistols frontman reveals why he decided to appear on the popular TV show… and it wasn’t for the money.

Was it or wasn’t it punk when last night the Jester was unmasked during the Group A semifinals of the popular TV show revealing that it was none other than John Lydon?

Guest judge will.i.am thought it was and was stunned, jumping out of his seat when the Sex Pistols frontman (who’d been hyped in a clues package as an “icon” that “changed the course of history” and is one of “the 100 most influential people of all time”) was unmasked.

“What the what? Johnny freakin’ Rotten?” will.i.am exclaimed. “You know, it’s very rare you meet people that have inspired generations, that gave liberty to people to express themselves and rebel. You mean so much to the world of music, and I just want to thank you for all that you’ve done for music.

John Lydon pictured in July. Photograph- Facundo Arrizabalaga:EPA

Lydon’s performance of the Soggy Bottom Boys’ ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’ this week was undoubtedly one the weirdest moments in Masked Singer history — with the Jester, singing in an exaggerated Hee-Haw accent before succumbing to giggle-fits halfway through, then toppling over to seemingly improvise a pretty-vacant Busby Berkeley/snow-angel floor routine that baffled judge Robin Thicke described as “interpretative dance.”

Host Nick Cannon was at loss for words, muttering, “That was… something.”

Lydon recently said that he was broke after losing his court case of Danny Boyles Sex Pistols TV Drama.

“I’ve got no more savings, no more loans, no pensions,” he told the Daily Telegraph. “I’ve got nothing. I’m fucked, and I’m scuppered in so many different ways. This entire juggernaut of confusion has cost me millions. “

However, despite his claims of being broke Lydon said his reason for going on the show wasn’t about the money, it was to impress and cheer up his ailing wife.

“We’ve been married 45 years, and — no sadness, you know — but she’s at a certain point now in her life where she’s suffering from Alzheimer’s. And it’s my job as her main protector of the love of my life to look after her. And she will love this.”

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