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Japanese/Canadian psych-punk band Teke::Teke announce new album and single release

The best way to describe Montreal-based Japanese psych-punk band Teke::Teke is ‘brilliantly unique’. They are a seven-piece, and their music features traditional Japanese instruments, flute and trombone alongside punk guitar riffs and a pulsing rhythm section. When this is all mixed together creates a sound reminiscent of 1960’s and 70’s era psychedelic Japanese soundtracks, with a massive punk twist.

After taking inspiration from Japanese surf rock (never knew there was such a music genre), Brazilian psychedelia and Bulgarian folk, stripping them down and ‘punkifying them’ Teke::Teke have created something you can feast your ears on!

Their new album Shirushi is out on May 7 release via Kill Rock Star Records but in an attempt to get your aural palate ready for their brand of Japanese psychedelic surf punk they have just released the single Meikyu (‘Labyrinth’ or ‘Maze’ in Japanese)

Get your earholes ready for some ferocious and hypnotic guitar-work a tribal beat mixed with Japanese flute. Prepare yourself to go on a trip without even leaving home! Seriously, no need to drop acid, just put your headphones on, turn up the volume and close your eyes!

Check out the band’s DIY video here .

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