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James Domestic Releases Ode To Getting Things Done… Tomorrow.

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? That’s the message of James Domestic’s latest track ‘Mañana’.

It’s the third single to be taken from the UK hardcore punk singer’s forthcoming debut solo album, the eclectic ‘Carrion Repeating’, and follows in the footsteps of Faze Out and Push On Through.

Domestic’s label Kibou Records described it as “a paean to taking your foot off the gas and letting things slide, or a warning of the perils of procrastination, perhaps?”.

“It’s hard to tell whether ‘Mañana’ is meant to serve as a confessional regarding Domestic’s own perceived lack of willpower or a celebration of idleness.”

Mañana pulls the wings off Wire’s ‘I Am The Fly’, mixes in the pop chops of Ian Dury and shoves it all in a blender with dub sirens, saxophone and steel drums.

It’s quite the departure from James’ work with The Domestics, Pi$$er, Tokyo Lungs, Hazard Profile and – at least – half a dozen more bands.

In addition to Domestic, his latest track also features Eddie O’Toole from Pi$$er, The Filaments and The Shitty Limits on saxophone, as well as the vocal return of Clare Gillet from Push on Through.

‘Mañana’ is out now via the likes of Spotify, and Carrion Repeating can be pre-ordered from Friday 14 January.

James Domestic’s solo album will then be released on vinyl/digital in April 2022 on Kibou Records / TNS Records (UK) and Amok Records (Germany).

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