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Jah Wobble Returns With ‘A Brief History of Now’

The PiL Bassist makes his long-awaited return to the post-punk sound with his new album 'A Brief History of Now'.

After an astounding 45-year music career that began as the bassist for John Lydon’s post-Sex Pistols band, Public Image Ltd., earning immense praise for his trailblazing musicianship, through his solo career and collaborations with the likes of Can’s Holger Czukay and U2’s The Edge, not to mention his later work with  Brian Eno, Ministry’s Chris Connelly and Killing Joke’s Geordie Walker, one would think that Jah Wobble would have said all he had to say. Turns out, he was just getting started.

Today, Wobble announces a brand-new solo album, ‘A Brief History Of Now’, that finds the eclectic troubadour returning to the post-punk genre that Wobble had a key role in developing both in his brief tenure in PiL and after. Co-written, produced and performed with another post-punk hero, Jon Klein of Siouxsie & The Banshees and Specimen ,‘A Brief History Of Now’ packs a powerful punch both musically and lyrically as these two veterans deliver an energetic and innovative collection of musical treatises.

For proof, just check out the album’s first single, the pulsating psychedelic-tinged lead off track that interweaves Wobble’s distinctive bass with a quirky syncopated spoken-word vocal and Klein’s razor-sharp guitar. Wobble uses the song to both provoke and process current events and attitudes that continually threaten to suffocate us before we escape. The accompanying music video, done in collaboration with Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films, vividly brings the song to life and offers a captivating musical catharsis for the post-post-postmodern age.
Or as Wobble himself declares in his inimitable style, “It’s all about the dopamine rush. Assault on the senses. Bang! bang! bang! Rush after rush after rush. But never satisfied. No satisfaction. Never any conclusion. Always moving. Appearances arising. Ephemeral. Lacking substance. But often so beautiful and exciting. Glorious esoterica.”<

A Brief History Of Now will be available on digital, CD and vinyl starting August 4!

Main Photo Credit: Photo by Tina Korhonen, all rights reserved.
1. Last Exit
2. Wrong Side Of The Line
3. SOO 135
4. I Am, I Am, I Am
5. Fashion World
6. A Brief History Of Now
7. I Am The Fly
8. Driving
9. This Is The Love
10. Master Of Time
11. 80 Beats Per Minute
12. Socially Functioning Psychopath
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