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The Bloodstrings, Tune into ‘Heartache Radio’

The German Punk Rock/Punkabilly band announce their new LP "Heartache Radio' and drop the single 'Don't Die'

Don’t Die’  a song about not giving up when things seem to be at their lowest ebb, is the next single off the upcoming album ‘Heartache Radio’ from German Punk Rock/Punkabilly The Bloodstrings.

”The single has haunted The Bloodstrings, as they’ve faced heartbreaking losses of friends who succumbed to their own inner demons. Originally written for bassist Nick’s father during his battle with cancer, ‘Don’t Die’ quickly transformed into the emotional centerpiece of the band’s upcoming album.

But that’s not all that’s changed for The Bloodstrings. In their diverse full-length record, they shed their traditional zombie and demon motifs to tackle urgent political and social issues, smashing through sexist barriers. The demons they now confront reside within us, in our society, and in our own spirits. Still, they haven’t abandoned their signature themes of love, depression, alcohol, and the burning desire to break free.

‘Heartache Radio’ is out now on Dackelton Records.

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