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Iggy Pop’s cockatoo becomes founding patron of a wildlife hospital

Iggy Pop‘s cockatoo, Biggy Pop has been named a founding patron of Australia’s Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. Biggy released a statement explaining the decision behind becoming a patron for the wildlife hospital that is working towards becoming Australia’s largest mobile wildlife hospital – a vital undertaking as the country head towards its bushfire season.

“I’m a bird, and a real wild one, and I have many cockatoo cousins in Australia,” Biggy squarks. “I was so distressed to hear that 180 million birds died in the catastrophic bushfire crisis that killed over three billion native animals over the Australian summer.”

“That really horrified me. I heard about the team of Australian veterinarians building Australia’s largest mobile wildlife hospital and I thought, ‘that is such a brilliant idea.’ So when they asked if I would be their founding patron, I thought ‘Yeah, I’d love to connect with my bird sisters and brothers in the magical land of Oz.’”

According to the wildlife hospital, Biggy’s dad, Mr. I. Pop, told Biggy that Australia is a “really cool place where people care for nature and love music, dancing, art and creativity.”

Iggy took in Biggy around 12 years ago from a roadside vendor in Florida. “He seemed to be in peril of a bad future,” Iggy says. “So we decided to take care of him, responsibly – and we have. He gets and gives a lot of love.”

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