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IGGY POP Sums Up 2020 With Pandemic Single ‘Dirty Little Virus’

Punk Patriarch Iggy Pop has summed up the year that changed the world with his Covid-19 inspired single Dirty Little Virus.

After a year that has physically and mentally numbed the planet, Iggy Pop has released Dirty little Virus on Bandcamp, pretty much conveying everyone’s thoughts and feelings right now.

Iggy has also shared a video explaining his motivation for writing and releasing the new song. 

“I was moved to write a direct lyric, not something too emotional or deep, more like journalism: ‘who, what, when where?'” says Pop. “I left out the ‘why’ because that gets too complex, but I put in how I felt about it.”

The COVID-19 pandemic inspired song, sees out 2020 and embodies the emotions felt by our population, engulfed by the virus over the past 12 months.

If there was still a man of the year, it’d be the virus. – Iggy Pop

The new song arrived onto Bandcamp  his first time putting new music up on the platform since the Sly Stone cover (ft. Bootsy Collins) that he released on his 73rd birthday this past April. The brief (2:50 minute) song was co-written by Iggy alongside Leron Thomas, who plays trumpet on the recording.

Muscially it’s raw and hits hard, with a big blues rock feel. Lyrically it’s universally relatable, the song begins, “COVID-19 is on the scene” and lyrics include, “Grandfather’s dead/Got Trump instead,” and “She’s only 19, but she can kill ya.”

You can purchase Dirty Little Virus merch on Bandcamp right HERE.

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