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Human Failure Release New Single ‘Urchin’

The Australian punks have released their new single in anticipation of their upcoming EP.

Human Failure’s new single is dedicated to their good friend who passed away. Donny was a mate that went way too early. An outgoing guy who always had time for his friends, no matter how long since they last spoke. This isn’t a ballad tribute to Donny; this is hard and fast, punk! 
The band’s upcoming EP (also entitled Urchin) begins with a flat-out, hardcore, short and fast blast. Done in 30 seconds. It starts the EP with a bang and gives a taste of what’s to come. The EP then opens up to more melodic and metal flavours, ending with driving hardcore punk and more melody.

Human Failure?hail from Newcastle, Australia. Spawned out of the scummy streets with members from some of the most scumbag bands to hit stages up and down the coast of Australia. The music is fast, in your face, F.U., full-throttle hardcore that will put you on your toes till you lose all self-awareness.

The band formed a few years ago, and now with a defined membership of full-on doom lords and scum bags, it is solid as concrete.

You can listen to/download Urchin HERE. The EP is released June 4th

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