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GuilFest on Saturday in Pictures – the festival comes home!

Punktuation's Ruth Rae took her camera along to capture the action at this fantastic family festival, headlined by Guildford's The Stranglers!

Bringing the best in local and national music, poetry and comedy to seven seperate stages in Guildford‘s sunny Stoke Park across the last weekend in June 2024, GuilFest held its own amongst many larger festivals this summer!

An absolute scorcher of a day brought thousands of music and art lovers to Guildford to partake in a full afternoon and evening of wonderful entertainment. 
Kicking off proceedings on (and in front of!) the Main Stage were the massed Rock Choir:
GuilFest - Rock Choir

Cumbrian father and daughter pop punk duo Voodoo Radio took to the Main Stage next:

GuilFest - Voodoo Radio 2
Guilfest - Voodoo Radio 1

The Andertons Local Heroes stage run by the excellent Undercover Events team showcased many bands, including Unlucky at Midnight:

Bringing all the dance hits from the mid 90s, the Urban Cookie Collective‘s Lynsey Shaw had the crowd doing the ‘Saturday Night‘ dance at the G-Live Stage!
GuilFest - UCC dancers

Back to the Main Stage for London Reggae-Ska-Punk favourites The Skints:

GuilFest - The Skints 2
GuilFest - The Skints 3
GuilFest - The Skints 4
GuilFest - The Skints 5
GuilFest - The Skints dancers

Followed up by the always excellent The Blockheads:

GuilFest - Blockheads 1
GuilFest - Blockheads 3
GuilFest - Blockheads 4
GuilFest - Blockheads 5

Having fun in the sun!

GuilFest - Ferris wheel
GuilFest - BBC Radio Surrey

Then we danced back to the 90’s for Alex Party on the G-Live Stage:

GuilFest - Alex Party
GuilFest - Alex Party dancers

Young band Glitterwound on Seymours Castle Stage:

Glitterwound band 1

The fabulous Southern Deal on the Acoustic Lounge Stage:

Southern Deal band

The unmissable Ska-tastic AKA The Syndicate appeared on the ACM Cave Stage, with a 4 year old making his live debut!

GuilFest - AKA The Syndicate 1
GuilFest - AKA The Syndicate 2
GuilFest - AKA The Syndicate 3
GuilFest - AKA The Syndicate 4

Poetry from top percussionist Neil Sparkes in the Literary Tent, curated by Fiery Bird:

GuilFest - Neil Sparkes

Comic capers from Garrett Millerick and Terry Alderton on the Jokers! Comedy Stage:

GuilFest - Garrett Millerick
GuilFest - Terry Alderton

DJs and dancers in The Funky End Dance Tent!

GuilFest - Dance tent dancers

More new talent from Velvet Razor on the Local Heroes Stage:

GuilFest - Velvet Razor 1
GuilFest - Velvet Razor 2
GuilFest - drinkers 2

Shaun Ryder‘s Black Grape had everyone bouncing at the Main Stage:

GuilFest - Black Grape 2
GuilFest - Black Grape 3

Guildford legends The Vapors drew a huge crowd to the G-Live Stage:

GuilFest - Vapors 4
Photo by Alan Galaxy
GuilFest - Vapors 2
Photo by Alan Galaxy
Photo by Alan Galaxy

Headliners The Stranglers closed the evening in grand style on the Main Stage:

GuilFest - Stranglers 1
GuilFest - Stranglers 2
GuilFest - Stranglers 4
GuilFest - Stranglers 5
GuilFest - Stranglers 6
GuilFest - Stranglers 7
GuilFest - Stranglers 3
GuilFest - Stranglers close
GuilFest logo

Main photo / All photos by RUTH RAE, unless otherwise indicated.

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