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Green Day VS. The Network – The Games Continue!

Green Day’s says its Twitter account has been ‘hacked’ by the mysterious band The Network. Like…Yeah…right!

After the debacle of a year that 2020 has been, we’ve desperately needed something to keep our minds off the constant wave of anxiety evoking news and events. That something has come in the form of a good mystery and a bit of fun compliments of punk legends Green Day and the return of mysterious new wave activists The Network (who are ‘apparently’ Not Green Day).

The latest antics, from both bands, have led to a recent Tweet war with Green Day claiming their account had “been hacked!’ The official Twitter page of the band recently shared a post revealing that The Network had taken over their Twitter account, stating that “The Network is not Green Day”, then shamelessly promoted their new song and album Money Money 2020 Part II.

The Networks ‘hacked tweet’ read:

“Attention Green Day and fans. This page belongs to us now. Back in 2003 we, The Network, warned mankind of the fate they would meet in the year 2020. To no surprise 2020 is upon us and it looks exactly as our prophecy predicted. As on final warning on December 4th, 2020 we will release ‘Money Money 2020 Pt II: We Told Ya So!’

We are at Threat Level Midnight. And if you’re still asking… we are not Green Day, we are The Network. For now, hop in and set your transistors to the Trans Am EP, out everywhere now.”

Check out The Networks latest single Trans Am

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