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Gouge Away to release third album ‘Deep Sage’

The US post-hardcore band shares ripping, hypnotic new song ‘Stuck in a Dream’.

Florida post-hardcore band Gouge Away will release their third album ‘Deep Sage’ on March 15 and ahead of that have shared a new single from it.

‘Stuck in a Dream’ amps up the pace from the more mood-driven song ‘Idealized’ the band released last year, swapping its grungey textures for a ripping, hypnotic beat.

Work on ‘Deep Sage’ began in a storage unit practice space in Orlando, with demo work that started in early 2020 – just before the world came to a halt with the pandemic.

They were picked up again on New Year’s Eve 2021 with a decision to reconnect and finish writing the album in Portland.

Gouge Away's third album Deep Sage

As these sessions progressed, they ultimately ended up with a set of 11 songs that elaborated on the urgent and abrasive qualities Gouge Away are known for but that also broadened their melodic traits too.

‘Deep Sage’ was then recorded with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden East in March 2023 completely analogue and almost entirely live to give them the ‘early days’ sound of five friends playing in a room together. 

Main Photo Credit: Ron Yamasaki

  1. Stuck in a Dream

  2. Maybe Blue

  3. Idealized

  4. Deep Sage

  5. A Welcome Change

  6. Overwatering

  7. No Release

  8. The Sharpening

  9. Spaced Out

  10. Newtau

  11. Dallas

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