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FRND CRCL Are The Life Of The Party

New Jersey pop punks release new single LifeOfTheParty

FRND CRCLs latest single will make you feel alive as it delves into the ironic lyricism of feeling alone while being at a party. It’s somewhat of an anthem for the introverted free spirits of the world who like to have their idea of a good idea. It’s the heaviest song FRND CRCL has to offer to date and aligns with aspects of Nirvana and UK art-pop purveyors, Blur.

The band says, “This one is for anyone who ever felt like an outcast; For anyone who ever found themselves at a party and thought wtf am I doing here?; For anyone that felt alone in a room full of people. I hope this song speaks to you as it does for us.”


25 February – Baltimore, MD – The Depot

26 February – Fredericksburg, VA – The Rec Center FXGB

27 February – Charlotte, NC – The Milestone

Be sure to keep up with these guys on Tik Tok to see their adventures being the LIFEOFTHEPARTY.

FRND CRCL first made a name for themselves with the 2020 release of their sophomore album, Internet Noise. The release of the stand-alone singles Joyride 2.0, Complications and Quitters followed.


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