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French punk rockers Quitters share new single Atacama Desert (Alma)

The punk band from Montpellier are back with a brand new track taken from their upcoming album “Captain Are We Thinking?” set to be released on 23rd September.

A classic punk rock gem with lyrics in both French and English, ‘Atacama Desert (Alma)‘ is about a dream-like experience which happened to the band’s singer and songwriter during a trip to Chile’s Atacama Desert.

In awe of this infinite beauty, he found himself (“Don’t ask us how, don’t ask us why” ) approaching Alma, one of the world’s biggest and most protected astronomical observation bases in a camper van. After being gently kicked out, they were robbed and lost any proof of any of this ever happening. 

Later, he wrote a song about this absurd experience, the unexpected joys of travels and the infinite beauty of this particular landscape.  

Quitters was formed in 2015 and has been touring with the sole purpose of playing as much as possible. The band has collaborated with various labels (Inhumano, Bad Mood Asso, Krod Records), sweated out more than 150 concert halls around the world and released two EPs and an album, Good Night Memories.

For Quitters, 2022 marks the big comeback with the release of their second album Captain Are We Thinking.


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