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French pop-punk band Basement Gary hit the jackpot with their new single ‘Like A Millionaire’

Basement Gary share the third single off their upcoming album ‘As BG As They Wanna Be’ and its sun-infused music video. 

Basement Gary, the “new-gen pop-punk” band from the south of France, has delivered an emotional track that will have you singing along before you know it. The song is snappy and poppy and filled with riffs that will have you jumping about your room on first listen.

After thousands of records sold and a significant amount of sweat spread on stages worldwide with Basement Gary members’ other bands, Can’t Bear This Party! and Freygolo, the lads teamed up to give birth to their new pop-punk baby, Basement Gary.

Over the last few months, the four guys from the South of France have been bashing out new material, including singles BG is for Basement Gary and This Ain’t A Like Song, and Christmas song Are You Alone on Christmas Day, giving us a taste of what’s to come on their upcoming album ‘As BG As They Wanna Be.’

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