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French Hardcore Noise Punks Salo Share Song Off New Album ‘From Melmac With Hate!’


The trio from Lyon, France, drop ‘Dick Hunter’, the latest track to be taken off their soon to be released album.

French noise punks Salo have shared their latest single, ‘Dick Hunter‘, the second track taken from the band’s soon to be released album ‘From Melmac With Hate!’ Set to be released on the French boutique label Bigoût Records on January 21st, the album is a violent, visceral aural attack. You can’t help but play it loud!

Salo is a trio from Lyon’s seedy underbelly. The band says their LP’s like the satisfying grime you find at the corner of the mouth and the blank stare you get with an abundance of sleepless nights.

Swaying between the lightning speed of high-class garage noise-rock and a heavy punk attitude, Salo give zero fucks. With track titles that include‘Guillotine’, ‘Fuel Injected Suicide Machine’ and ‘Bring Back Medieval Plague’, the band tells it like it is.

In the big game of influences, the flair of Thee Oh Sees, the aggressiveness of Metz and the pub-crawl swagger of The Fall come to mind.

Pre-order From Melmac With Hate. right here

Salo Art

1. Guillotine
2. Fuel Injected Suicide Machine
3. Algeria
4. Jay
5. Bring Back Medieval Plague
6. Tasmanian Tiger (for Nikita)
7. Dick Hunter
8. Fakir
9. Speed Missile
10. Knee Out
11. Raptors Cult

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