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Frank Turner goes in hard on new single Non Servium

Frank Turner has released the next single from his upcoming FTHC album and it’s a two-minute blast of punk rock.

Non Servium – latin for ‘I will not serve’ – sees Turner attack the “dumb and degenerate” before presenting some of his own principles: help the ones in need / do your best to leave the others be.

“[It’s] a song about staying true to your artistic ideals, standing firm for the things you believe in,” he said in a statement, adding on social media: “Wasn’t kidding when I said this album goes in a bit harder.”

The new album, which takes its inspiration from early ’80s US hardcore band logos to stand for Frank Turner Hardcore, will be out in February 2022 and is set to be a return to Turner’s punk rock roots.

As its first track ‘Non Servium’ is a roaring opener and lines up on FTHC alongside previous singles ‘The Gathering’ and Haven’t Been Doing So Well‘.

The new songs are already being given a live outing from the famously busy musician – in his 17 years to date as a solo artist he’s played over an average of over 150 shows a year and last week completed a US headlining tour with Matt Nasir, and support from Laura Jane Grace and Austin Meade, that begin in September.

Next up is The Never-Ending Tour of Everywhere 2022, whose January and February UK dates will have support from Pet Needs, Truckstop Honeymoon and, in London only, Snuff.

His 2022 plans also include bringing his Lost Evenings mini-festival to Berlin for a four-date run in September.

frank Turner

1. Non Serviam

2. The Gathering

3. Haven’t Been Doing So Well

4. Untainted Love

5. Fatherless

6. My Bad

7. Miranda

8. A Wave Across A Bay

9. The Resurrectionists

10. Punches

11. Perfect Score

12. The Work

13. Little Life

14. Farewell To My City

15. The Zeitbeast*

16. The House Where I Was Raised*

17. Haven’t Been Doing So Well (Acoustic)*

18. Wave Across A Bay (Acoustic)*

19. Punches (Acoustic)*

20. The Work (Acoustic)*

*Deluxe version only

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