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Former Adverts singer-songwriter TV Smith is back with a new album

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It’s inspired by Covid-19 and the lockdown that has prevented musicians from touring since early spring. Lockdown Holiday was recorded under lockdown restrictions after tours with Stiff Little Fingers in the UK, and Die Toten Hosen in Germany were abruptly cancelled.

“I never intended to make this record,” says former Adverts‘ singer-songwriter, TV (real-name Timothy). 

“But lockdown came, all my gigs were cancelled, and I suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands and a lot to write about. The ideas started flowing, and before I knew it, I had eleven brand new songs. Not only that, but in one way or another, they all commented on the situation of a country suffering under a pandemic. I realised that I had on my hands that most un-punk of things – a concept album.”

The album is preceded by the release of a video for the song Send In The Clown – can UK readers guess who that’s aimed at?

In the run-up to the album release, TV will be playing two shows under Coronavirus restrictions at the Almost Acoustic Club, Gillow’s Bar, Blackpool Winter Gardens on 6 and 7 of November. Tickets are £10 based on up to four people sharing a table.

Full details at https://www.wintergardensblackpool.co.uk/whats-on

Released through Easy Action Records on 27 November, Lockdown Holiday is available to pre-order below

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