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Floridian Punks, Debt Neglector, Announce New Album.

Get ready for a November release for Debt Neglector’s LP Dirty Water via SBÄM and Smartpunk Records.

In 2020 Debt Neglector returned to the studio with a batch of new songs that have become the Dirty Water LP. Their new music remains viciously political and features some deeply personal topics, including depression and therapy, anxiety, fear, and loss.

The culmination is a dynamic and relatable album from a band whose angry and honest approach is a blunt kick in the pants to the powers that be.

“Formed in 2016, the Florida punks have spent the last 5 years honing a sound that showcases their ability to blend catchy hooks with a vicious attitude. With three previous releases firmly under their belt, the band have established themselves as a group that pulls no punches in their pursuit to call out injustice.

Debt Neglector has screamed, shouted, and sang about the worldwide surge in racism, the fear of impending nuclear war, and the USA’s sick obsession with assault rifles. They’ve put their money where their mouth is by using their album releases to double as fundraising efforts for organisations like Fair Fight Action and the ACLU.

Musically, their influences cover familiar and legendary punk rock ground. Taking notes from punk favourites the Descendents, skatepunk heroes like NOFX, the classic sounds of The Clash, and early 80’s American hardcore, Debt Neglector aren’t afraid to put their own spin on things.

Their music keeps both a reverence for the past and a foot firmly placed in the present. The result allows the band to craft songs with ripping fast drum beats, sing-along choruses, quirky chord changes, and head-banging breaks. With past tours covering the US, Canada, and Europe, the band has set their sights on bringing its brand of pissed-off punk music to whoever is ready and willing to listen.

Debt Neglector is also no stranger to the festival scene with several appearances at The Fest (FL) and Sing it Out Loud Festival, a showcase at Pouzza Fest (MTL). They have managed to share the stage with the likes of Propagandhi, Descendents and more. 

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