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Femegades release video for new single ‘Depleted’

Femegades tackle the impact of motherhood in their new scuzzy, punk rock single.

It’s meant to be a universally happy event in a woman’s life- having and raising a child. There’s still a certain level of controversy for any parent to admit that this phenomenon is not all rainbows and teddy bears but can in fact have a mental and physical impact on a parent’s well being.  This can be a particularly tricky thing for mothers to disclose.  

Never ones to shy away from tricky topics, the London based four piece release new track ‘Depleted‘ which explores certain realities of motherhood:

There is a pressure placed upon women to savour every aspect of motherhood, even though the reality of non-stop mental and physical hardship often leads many mothers to burn out.

Despite this, it’s a subject that is still regarded as taboo, with society placing unrealistic expectations on mothers who ’should just be happy’”.

It’s a high energy, punk rock track tackling a serious topic- the exact combination that Femegades do so well. 

Check out the video below:

The band create a sound that is as energetic and confrontational as it is nuanced.

Their uncompromising approach was none more apparent than on last year’s heralded EP, ironically titled ‘Not All Men’, a record that exhibited the band’s lyrical and sonic diversity.

Not All Men‘ was a follow up to their debut EP, 2021’s ‘Pornsick‘. 

If you like your punk to address relevant social topics with a raw intensity of the best garage punk, then Femegades are here to deliver!

Depleted‘ is out now via Regent Street Records. Stream HERE.

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