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Fair Do’s Drop New Single ‘Consolation’

Fair Do's

Manchester skate punks release belting new track, Consolation, via Thousand Islands Records (North America) and Lockjaw Records (UK).

New music from these UK punks reflects the frustration and hopelessness of the working-class left-wing in the past five years, thanks to Boris, Brexit and COVID-19. Fair Do’s spent the bleak winter lockdowns, writing and recording in isolation, creating an improved, heavier, tighter sound.

Consolation follows the band’s two previous singles released this year Love & Light and Casket. These three new tracks are aimed to tease fans, demonstrating the development of their sound into a heavier, richer mix. These tracks introduce a more mature Fair Do’s sound, but they are every bit as technical as their fans would expect.

Fair Do’s is a powerhouse of technical melodic hardcore that combines hardcore punk and metal in a way that few other bands dare. The band spent their formative years hammering its distinctive fast-punk style home. However, they’ve also invested considerable time honing their metal chops, evident in their heavier rhythms, riffs and plentiful beat-downs.

Although a strong DIY punk ethos drives them, Fair Do’s are best known for their technical talent. Every song is heart-racingly uptempo and overlaid with jaw-droppingly intricate guitars. Having grown up in small working-class towns around Manchester, they have an underdog mentality that resonates in their lyrics, which are both politically focussed and firmly tongue-in-cheek.

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