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Edweena Banger Announces Second Solo Album

Edweena Banger

The trans revolutionary freedom fighter bites back with second solo album, Diamond Rocks.

Fresh from her recent sold-out Slaughter Bite Back gig in Manchester, Edweena Banger (Ed Banger & the Nosebleeds, Slaughter & the Dogs) brings you ‘Diamond Rocks’, her second solo album.

The new album, in addition to ‘Diamonds on Tenth Avenue’, is an ode to two inspirational albums which gave Slaughter & the Dogs their name (Diamond Dogs’, David Bowie, and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Mick Ronson.

Edweena was born Edward Garrity and raised in Wythenshawe, Manchester. Meeting school friend Mick Rossi (Slaughter & the Dogs) and sharing a love of glam was Ed’s introduction to music. Soon after, she became a roadie for The Sex Pistols during their legendary second Manchester gig in 1976.

Diamond Rocks‘ continues the story of ‘Diamond’, a trans escort who rises to cult status on the rock circuit. As well as self-producing the album, Edweena also writes and performs every track, showing off her trashy, pop/rock, glam-punk style.

The message is clear: NO Surrender, NO Prisoners, and NO to buttered scones or other light fancies as Edweena is on a diet. ‘Diamond Rocks’ is set for release on December 14th.

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