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Dream Nails Release New Single and Video ‘They/Them’

The London punks release rage-fuelled love letter to non-binary people everywhere.

“As a non-binary person, or ‘enby‘, living in the UK, I am constantly misgendered and often feel invisible.” says singer Leah Kirby.

“This is a banger for the fat enbies, the black enbies, the neurodiverse enbies, the disabled enbies, and the enbies that don’t fit the mainstream narrative of what genderqueer is.

“We refuse to be palatable and to fit into binary terms of ‘male’ and ‘female’. After hearing this song, I dare you to call me girl again!” Kirby adds.

Guitarist and backing vocalist Anya Pearson explains why it’s so necessary to support non-binary people: “They don’t currently have legal recognition in the UK. This means having to choose between ‘male’ or ‘female’ on official documents like passports, driving licenses, marriage certificates, and even – for those who medically transition – on their Gender Recognition Certificates.”

“After hearing this song, I dare you to call me girl again!” Leah Kirby, Dream Nails.

The band are using this release to raise money for a grassroots LGBT charity in Leah’s hometown of Colchester. The band have collaborated with one of their favourite queer graphic artists, Hannah Dickins, whose signature typographic style is utterly unmistakable, to create limited edition limited edition posters of the single artwork. with all proceeds going to The Outhouse.

The music video for ‘They/Them’ was shot at a cabaret show at the Underbelly in London, UK, by non-binary filmmaker and drag performer Bobo Lai. In the video, Leah Kirby invites us into their world – backstage at The Non-Binary Cabaret, one of the UK’s foremost non-binary shows – and we watch Leah’s captivating transformation into Cyro, their drag alter-ego.

We also meet other non-binary performers including Carrot, Flick, Prinx Silver, Oedipussi Rex, and photographer Queer Garden. 

Produced and mixed by Tarek Musa (of Spring King and Dead Nature) in Liverpool, ‘They/Them’ makes up the second “side” of this double A-side single along with Dream Nails’ recently released summer banger ‘Take Up Space’

Dream Nails fans can purchase art prints of the single cover for a donation –and can also choose to donate the art to LGBT youth clubs and charities. The band are set to headline Oslo in London on the 30th of October.

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