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Die Toten Hosen Celebrate 35 Years of ‘Ladies Choice’

The German punk legends release a limited 35-year anniversary edition of the band’s third studio LP ‘Damenwahl’ (Ladies Choice)

The Die Toten Hosen album “Damenwahl” was released 35 years ago, and to celebrate this milestone birthday, the band are releasing a numbered anniversary edition that is limited to 5,000 copies.

The album, released in August 1986, contained a handful of songs, including ‘Wort zum Sonntag‘ (Word to Sunday) and ‘Verschwende deine Zeit’ (Waste your time) which are considered, by hardcore fans as among the absolute Toten Hosen classics.

1986 was an eventful time for the band: Trini Trimpop moved from drumming for the band into their management, where he worked until 1992. Jakob Keusen briefly replaced him as the band’s drummer before Wolfgang Rohde (Wölli) took over later that year.

The album had its official live debut in July at the biggest Hosen concert to date at the legendary Anti-WAAhnsinns Festival.

“We opened the second day in the morning and woke the people in their tents with the noise of a helicopter from the tape before we played the then brand new song “Großalarm” (Red alert)” Campino remembers.

The recordings for ‘Damenwahl’ turned out to be difficult. Campino remembers to this day with horror how Kuddel the band’s guitarist repeatedly gave him instructions from the control room not to sing so croakingly.

“With Wölli we also had a drummer for the first time who could keep the beats,” Campino says.

The anniversary edition contains a vinyl version of the album along with two CD’s (one CD with all bonus tracks from the re-release from 2007), a delux gatefold 24 page book containing lots of unpublished photos from the “Damenwahl” shows.

The whole package has been completely revised graphically and brought up to date, and with a total weight of over one kilo the band says that the LP is a “valuable ornament for every shelf!”

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