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Descendents Release A 56-Second Single


The Descendents latest short, fast and loud single ‘Like The Way I Know’, is the latest offering off their soon-to-be-released LP

Legendary punk band Descendents have shared the 56-second raw energy track “Like The Way I Know” off their forthcoming album 9th & Walnut (due out July 23 via Epitaph Records).

Drummer Bill Stevenson note; ” (This track was) one of the very first Descendents songs, written in 1977, by founding member David Nolte, about how living in Hermosa Beach made him feel like a freak.”

In 2002, the original four-piece line-up — bassist Tony Lombardo, drummer Bill Stevenson, guitarist Frank Navetta (d. 2008), and vocalist Milo Aukerman — entered the studio to finally record the songs with which they first forged their genre-defining sound. The 18-track result, 9th& Walnut, was named for their Long Beach practice space back in the day. The album features the bands’ earliest material written from 1977 through 1980.

 Pre-order ‘9th & Walnut’ HERE:

Descendents are vocalist Milo Aukerman, bassist Tony Lombardo, late guitarist Frank Navetta, and drummer Bill Stevenson.

9TH & WALNUT Track Listing

Sailor’s Choice
Crepe Suzette
You Make Me Sick
Baby Doncha Know
Tired of Being Tired
I’m Shaky
Like the Way I Know
It’s A Hectic World
To Remember
Yore Disgusting
It’s My Hair
I Need Some
Ride the Wild
Glad All Over? (Dave Clark Five cover)

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Pre-order 9th& Walnut HERE

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