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Delaire The Liar Release Highly Anticipated EP ‘Eat Your Own’

The London punk rock four-piece have shared their explosive new EP with the world via Rude Records.

Delaire The Liar are quickly becoming the band to watch in the UK punk rock/post-hardcore scene. Since their 2018 debut EP ‘Not Punk Enough’, the London four-piece have meticulously evolved and refined their sound. Their new EP ‘Eat Your Own’ is nothing short of an energetic, heartfelt tour-de-force and will have you headbanging and soul-searching in tandem.

Ffin Colley takes the helm on lead vocals and guitar and effortlessly impresses with his range and passion. Their most recent single ‘No Accident’ introduces a more gentle and melodic sound before exploding into an intense, emotional conclusion.

Not only does the track deliver sonically, but the accompanying music video is visually and artistically magnificent.

Colley said of the video ‘We aimed to make a trilogy that explored the desperate bargaining of grief. No matter how familiar you become with failure, its discomfort is present and unshakeable’.

One major element helping Delaire the Liar stand out from the punk rock crowd is their dynamic and impassioned live performances. As well as flourishing in the studio, the band have perfected walking the walk on stage.

The hauntingly beautiful and thought-provoking lyrics emerge with even more clarity when accompanied by the ferocity of the band’s powerful performances.

‘Furnace’ erupts onto the EP with high energy from the get-go and accompanying lyrics from bass player Em Lodge. The conversational back and forth of intense and poetic vocals are held up by an industrial and dynamic rhythm section. Similarly, the guitar of Hannah Watts adds depth, layers and colour.

Finishing the EP are the heavy and spirited tracks Halloween and No Thanks. Delaire The Liar have masterfully won over the audience by this point and the final anthems definitely deliver.

Delaire The Liar

The groundbreaking EP ‘Eat Your Own‘ is now available via Rude Records.

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