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Delaire The Liar announce brand new EP ‘Eat Your Own’

The London punks have unleashed their new EP Eat Your Own via Rude Records with a new single to accompany.

For London four-piece Delaire The Liar, expressing a central truth is at the very core of their creative process. Their sound finds a balance between dynamic punk rock with melodic instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics. As well as bringing passion and energy to the studio, you also won’t find anything less at their live shows.

Their new single ‘No Accident’ is the fourth single released from the EP following ‘No Thanks’, ‘Furnace’ and ‘Halloween’.

Speaking about the new single, vocalist Ffin Colley says ‘There are some in your life that can see every part of your mechanism as if you’re made of glass. All your fragility and worry, all your buried sadness, it’s completely unmasked to them’.

He added ‘It comes with time, dedication and vulnerability in the relationship and it can offer support when you most need it but are unable to ask. These people will see your weakness even when you don’t want them to.’

In addition to the single, Colley said of the video ‘We aimed to make a trilogy that explored the desperate bargaining of grief. No matter how familiar you become with failure, its discomfort is present and unshakeable’.

Fans can pre-order ‘Eat Your Own’ now at and stream the new single ‘No Accident’ at

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