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Dear Spring Share New Single Newspeak

dear sprint

Washington D.C. post-pop-punks stand out with dark new sound in their latest release from their upcoming EP.

Dear Spring have announced their brand new EP Moments, due for release on June 3rd via Open Your Ears Records. The band has also shared their new single and music video, Newspeak.

Dear Spring has spoken about the new release. “The EP’s second single, Newspeak, examines self-destructive tendencies and the struggle of expression in an age of extreme polarisation. The lyrics from the song were mostly written between March and May of 2020. The band were heavily influenced by feelings of frustration and helplessness watching the pandemic unfold and examining the dichotomy of selfishness and selflessness on display in our society during that time.” 

Dear Spring is blending the old with the new to deliver post-pop-punk anthems that transcend genre.The band sounds like four best friends in a room in an age of disconnection, giving birth to something powerful and fresh. If one were to describe Dear Spring, they would characterise their songs as having driving vocals, catchy layered guitar voicings, and a powerful rhythm section. Most of all, their music makes you feel something. Dear Spring is David Colon-Margolies (vocals, guitar), Martin MacAlister (drums), Jonah Tenney (vocals), and Kamran Hassan (guitar, vocals).

Fans can pre-save Moments now right HERE


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