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Dan Vapid And The Cheats Release New Album ‘Escape Velocity’

Dan Vapid and the cheats

If you’re looking for the definition of ‘Pop Punk’ look no further than this Chicago four-piece.

Dan Vapid (real name Dan Schaeffer) is a veteran of the punk scene, playing in bands such as Screeching Weasel, The Methadones, Riverdales and The Queers, amongst many others. Currently, he is fronting Dan Vapid And The Cheats with Simon Lamb (Guitar), Dillon Dunnegan (Bass/backing vocals) and Gabe Usery (Drums/backing vocals). ‘Escape Velocity’ is the band’s fourth full-length release and is out today, Nov 5th, via Eccentric Pop Records.

Following their previous 2019 album ‘Three‘, the band continue to refine their craft with layered melodic vocals over mostly mid-tempo beats that drive the straight-forward chord progressions. They make it sound so easy, but this is part of their understated genius.

There was, however, a significant setback while recording at  Encapsulated Studios in St. Louis, Missouri, in Jan 2020, that being a worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. They opted to stop the session, so the album sat in limbo for over a year. Upon receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, Dan continued the session in the summer of 2021.

Dan states, “Escape Velocity exemplifies the trials and tribulations of the Coronavirus pandemic has had on all of us. But life goes on, and the year hiatus made it clear that this life is too short not to do what you love!”

‘Escape Velocity’ is a showcase of heavy power pop and catchy melodic ear-worms that hook you in instantly but also continue to grow on you with relatable subjects and visualised story-telling. This is an album that, upon finishing, will have the listener impulsively electing to hit repeat, over and over again.

The band has overcome the struggles and setbacks put before them, and they have given us one of the best pop-punk releases heard so far this year.


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