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Dammit Records to Launch Dam-Nations To Help Support New Talent

The UK label is set to launch a new subscription service on July 1 to help unsigned bands get their music heard.

We’re all super busy bees these days and that can make it harder to find time to look for the latest music and find our new fave punk bands. And with value and ethical deals for artists at the forefront of our minds, we need to be sure we’re looking in the right place to get spankin’ new choons. Well, UK-based label Dammit Records is launching a new and exclusive subscription service via Bandcamp that could be what you’re looking for. 

Dammit Records are a low-key record label from the Southeast that want to help struggling unsigned bands get their music recorded, published, promoted and sold. Their new subscription service- Dam-Nations– will cost £4 a month and launches on 1st July. They will be supplying new music from around the world so many non-English speaking bands will get their opportunity to find welcoming ears in ol’ Blighty. 

Mad Mulligans are signed to Dammit Records.

You will receive instant streaming on any device using either the website or Bandcamp’s App (which is free). For your four quid you can download all the tracks so every month the list will grow, and your punk cup will runneth over! The tracks will be previously unreleased in the UK so you will also get kudos from that annoying know-it-all in the pub that thinks he’s heard everything. 

And the other great thing is, half the money will go directly back to the bands themselves based pro-rata on the amount of streams/downloads they get. The other half will be reinvested back into future releases for Dammit Records, so they can keep the punk train rolling!

If you want to find out more about the scheme or Dammit Records then you can head to their Bandcamp page and see for yourself!

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