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Crown The King Announce EP ‘Groundhog Day’

Crown The King band

To celebrate the announcement of theFebruary 2nd 2022 release date of their new EP, the Irish pop-punk band drop the music video for latest single ‘Running on Empty’.

When professional wrestling ring-announcer Dan Gannon met guitaristSeán Hodson, they quickly discovered a shared love of pop-punk. The two immediately began working on material, and it wasn’t long before Guitarist Alan Shiels joined the lineup. By 2019, bassist Eanna Brown and drummer Jamie Doran would complete the ensemble, and Crown the King was born.

Guitarist Seán Hodson says of the new track, ‘The lyrics came about because I was looking back on old social media posts that I had made, and it got me thinking about how far detached I felt from the person I was at the time.’

He continued, ‘I wrote this song as a reminder to not dwell on the past too much and to not let life pass you by whilst trying to convince everyone else that you’re having a good time.’

The group entered the studio in January 2020 to begin recording with producer Stephen Youster. With the Covid-19 pandemic just around the corner, recording quickly ceased and cancelled performances would soon follow. Tired of waiting for the right time, the band decided to release their music independently and have not looked back.

Bassist Eanna Brown says of the 4-track release, ‘It’s been great to see all of the buzz and support around the band since we started, and I’m really grateful to all of our friends, family and fans. Working on Groundhog Day really helped me through those tough times and gave me something to focus on.’

Running on Empty’ is available to stream now, with the band’s anticipated debut EP ‘Groundhog Day’ set for release on February 2nd.

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