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Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Have Released Their Highly Anticipated New Album

The French easycore outfit have dropped their new album Gone Are The Good Days, available now via Fearless Records.

The fourth studio album for Parisian hardcore pop-punks, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, is a master class in easycore — singalongs, moshy breakdowns, and a good time energy and vibe that are emitted in every note. Coinciding with the release, the band has shared the video for the latest single Complete You. The song features AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer.

We are so excited to finally reveal our latest album Gone Are The Good Days to the world,” the band says. “We put all our energy into this record. We took the time to perfect each track, paying attention to every detail. This album represents by far our biggest artistic effort to date, and we are very proud of it! We hope you enjoyed the singles released over the past few months. Now that this album is out, we encourage you to dive into this 12 song track listing in order, without skipping a song, to experience it the way it was intended.”

Most importantly, the band says, May this album be the soundtrack to your summer.”


Gone Are the Good Days perfects the Paris-based band’s DNA-distinct blend of “easycore.” It’s teeming with incredibly catchy jams that invite you to pump your fist in the air, sing along, and to dance like no one is watching! It will serve as the soundtrack to your next party.

Over their six-year release hiatus, the band have grown musically, expanding on their pop-punk/easycore archetype delving into more aggressive elements. There is still a big ‘chunk’ of old-school Captain Chunk! for fans of the bands highly infectious classic sound. Gone Are The Good Days is filled with the perfect blend of snappy melodies with added ferocity at its core. 

Gone Are The Good Days is available now on all streaming services.

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