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Chicago Punks Counterpunch Release ‘Rewire’ The Title Track Off Upcoming Album

The Chicago melodic punks call out double standards on their new signal.

Chicago’s melodic punk rock darlings Counterpunch have just announced details for their next album, Rewire’, set for release on June 17 via Thousand Islands Records/SBÄM Records.

The band says, “‘Rewire’ tackles the double standard people of faith create by showing face in a place of worship once a week and then acting like a piece of human garbage elsewhere. They scream outrage over everything they don’t agree with as ‘against God’s way’ while ignoring the teachings of their faith.

“Every religion at its core is about loving your fellow man and reverence toward whatever ‘god’ you happen to believe in. However, whether they choose to follow through on what they are taught is another story.”Pre-orders for the upcoming full-length launch on April 20.

Counterpunch is a four-piece powerhouse that has been bringing its own catchy brand of melodic punk rock since 2004. Following the release of their self-titled debut in 2004 under their own imprint Punch-It Records (alternatively titled ‘An Idiot’s Guide to Being an Asshole’ under Radtone Records in Japan), the band began their journey into both the US and international markets.

Touring both domestically and abroad brought them opportunities to play alongside Rise Against, Strung Out, and Pennywise, amongst other stalwarts in the genre. 2011 saw the band release their second LP, titled ‘Dying to Exonerate the World’ (alternatively titled ‘Heroes and Ghosts’ under several international labels) with Go-Kart Records.

Multiple European tours and festival stops later; the band was ready to step into the studio with Matt Allison to record 2014’s ‘Bruises’. Released in 2014 by Cyber Tracks Records, this release saw the band’s most extensive touring regimen to date. Hitting the road alongside the likes of Face to Face, Strung Out, NOFX, The Living End, Good Riddance and more brought them in front of their largest audiences to date. In 2019, the band stepped into Black in Bluhm studios in Denver to record their 4th LP just before COVID shut down the world.

In light of facing a new normal, the band hit the pause button on releasing their latest full-length effort, deciding instead to put out a 7″ record with a few of the B Sidetracks from the Black in Bluhm sessions titled “Handbook for the Recently Debriefed”. Teaming up with Thousand Island Records and SBAM Records to bring the world a snapshot of the new era of Counterpunch.


Rewire will be released on June 17 via Thousand Islands Records and SBAM.

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