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Check Out Rise Against’s Remixed ‘Broken Dreams Inc.’

Rise Against’s 2020 single Broken Dreams Inc has been given a new lease on life with a brilliant HEALTH remix.

In September last year, Rise Against released their first new music in three years, contributing to the DC Comics Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack. The inclusion of Broken Dreams, Inc. in the playlist for the new Batman comic from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo was a thrill for frontman Tim McIlrath.

“Growing up, my little brother and I would ride our bikes to the newsstand near our house and spend all our money on the latest comic books, and Batman was a favourite.”

A welcomed release for Rise Against fans, the track was full of the bands typical driving riffs and thought-provoking lyrics.

Now, Broken Dreams Inc. has been reworked and given a contrasting feel, thanks to HEALTH.

The song has been recreated, with its ferocity transformed into a hauntingly atmospheric track. This has not taken away any of the original impact. The HEALTH remix has created a more sombre feeling, giving the single an ethereal quality.

Recently, McIlrath spoke about the remix.

“We didn’t really know what to expect but were all blown away by it. I was super impressed by the way they made the song their own. They found melodies in it that I didn’t anticipate, and they found some of the bone, the skeleton, and rearranged it; it worked and was really cool.”

The meaning behind the single has not been lost in translation with the new remix. McIlrath explains the significance of the track itself.

“Broken Dreams, Inc. speaks to today’s changing landscape of American society, the opportunities that are available to some but not to others, the people who are able to benefit versus those who get left behind, who suffer and end up as casualties. How do we level the playing field so everyone can have a real chance at attaining the American Dream? One word: ?‘Disruption.’”

Broken Dreams Inc (Health Remix) is available now on all streaming services.

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