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Celebration Summer release ‘Disconnected’ off their upcoming debut album

Living within the USA’s capital, this group deliver anthems that capture the struggles of modern life

Washington D.C. has a rich history of punk and hardcore bands that pioneered both genres while also bringing political and social issues to the forefront. Just outside of D.C., in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, Celebration Summer was inspired by those very roots and began writing their own politically charged anthems for a Post-Trump America.

Their brand of late 80’s/early 90’s melodic punk is unpolished and channels the spirit of UK punk’s Leatherface and California’s Samiam. Consequently, Celebration Summer has found a new home with Pittsburgh indie A-F Records and Shield Recordings (UK/Europe) and will release their debut full length album ‘Patience in Presence‘ this September.

Originating outside of Washington D.C. in the suburbs of Northern Virginia, the four-piece have progressively continued writing politically charged punk. Starting in 2019 as a means to play music reminiscent of past classics in hardcore and melodic punk rock, Celebration Summer tap into the spirit of their city’s counterculture. The group is made up of members Greg Raelson (bass), Glenn Boysko (drums), Dan Hauser (guitar), and Nate Falger (guitar/vocals).

Their name pays homage to the iconic Husker Du song ‘Celebrated Summer’ and Washington D.C’s hardcore significant culture and activists that created the social movement “Revolution Summer” of 1985. Combining pounding rhythms, melodic bass lines, angular guitar structures, and poignant lyricism, the group confronts life’s sensitive topics head-on.

The band was also recognized by their local music scene peers as a finalist in both the categories for ‘Best Punk Artist’ and ‘Best Punk Rock Song’ (for their track ‘Bitter End‘) at the 2021 Washington, DC Area Music Awards.

While waiting for the new album you can check out their debut EP, ‘Against The Gun‘, which was released digitally on Little Rocket Records and on vinyl on Shield Recordings.

Celebration Summer’s debut album ‘Patience In Presence’ will be available this September via A-F Records (US) and Shield Recordings (Europe)

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