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Canadian Punks MEDIASLAVES Drop Catchy As F**k New Video For ‘Manipulate Me’

Canadian punk rockers Mediaslaves have shared just their music video for hard-hitting, catchy as fuck single Manipulate Me. They filmed this D.I.Y. effort entirely by themselves, taking turns as the cameraperson or putting their old handy-cam on a tripod. The video features glitchy effects, wacky costumes and comedically b-horror vibes to ring in the Halloween season. 

“At first, it was hard to edit this like a music video,” says guitar/vocalist Johnny Papan, who also cut the piece together. “I stepped away for a bit and when I came back, I cracked myself up laughing at all the dumb things we did for this video. Cutting it got super fun when I started looking at the footage less like promotional content and more as a good memory with the boys.”

The uncertainties of COVID-19 forced Mediaslaves, the grungy, thrashy, skate punk infused group from Vancouver, Canada to cancel their debut music video shoot in March, but that didn’t stop them from making their very own D.I.Y. vid for the adrenaline-pumping debut single Fleeks and Geeks. They used their time in isolation to make the whole music video out of Instagram filters and iPhone apps.

If you’re a fan of punk roots stretching through Nirvana, Cancer Bats, Plasmatics, Sum 41, the Distillers, the Misfits, the Ramones, the Stooges then check out Mediaslaves new video now.

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