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Canadian punk supergroup R!OT release debut self-titled EP

Newly established band R!OT is a punk rock supergroup composed of Sean Ryan (Irish Nails, The Mahones) on vocals and guitar, Danny Duke (The Ataris, The Queers, Ripcordz) on bass and vocals, and Guillaume Lauzon (The Brains, Gutter Demons) on drums.

The band’s evolution began at a Music Addicts meeting during the Covid pandemic. All three degenerates decided to ignore the confines of a world without music and chose to live out their sonic addictions, forming a band that no responsible mother would ever let her children listen to.

Blasting out of Montreal’s West End, the band’s debut EP consists of eight blazing tracks. Combining the wide variety of influences they each bring to the mix, this is the first effort from these well-established punk rockers.

R!OT EP Tracklist
  1. Didn’t Say
  2. Saturday Night
  3. All Things That Matter To You
  4. Brainy
  5. Left For Dead
  6. Pass The Drinks
  7. New Soul
  8. Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts

Main Photo: © Lorne Tontegode

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