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Calling All Punk Nerds! Join The Punk Scholars Network Webinar This Saturday

Punk Scholars Network, Netherlands, a forum for academic and scholarly debate, conferences, publications, talks and public exhibitions about punk rock, is running a free ‘Punk and (DIY) Venues’ webinar on December 4th.

Saturday the 4th of December 2021 will be the first-ever webinar to be held by the Punk Scholars Network (PSN) Netherlands. Originally organised as an ‘in-person’ conference to be held at OCCII, Amsterdam, the recent surge in COVID-19 cases across Europe has forced PSN to adjust its conference timetable and move part of it online.

This Saturday, starting at 2 pm Central European Time, PSN will hold a webinar, about ‘Punk and (DIY) Venues’ with keynote speakers, a film and a panel discussion. Register Here

The organisers have reluctantly decided to move the ‘Women in Punk’ section of the conference to Spring 2022 because they feel that, “the women in the bands, women on the panels, and all other participants deserve a full face-to-face day because ‘Women in Punk’ as a topic is too important for an online webinar.”

PSN will announce new dates as soon as they can. So stay posted.

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Because punk is a conflicting and diverse culture, the aim of the Punk Scholars Network is to “mirror this multiplicity through a genuinely interdisciplinary approach to the subject and the contribution and participation of punk scholars, fans and enthusiasts.”

To date, the Punk Scholars Network has delivered workshops, symposiums and conferences in Reading, Oxford, Leicester, London, Birmingham, Northampton, Bolton, Los Angeles, Lincoln, Newcastle and a global online conference involving local branches across three continents in 2020.

These events have reflected a broad range of critical themes including global, historical and contemporary punk scenes, punk pedagogy, DIY, punk and spirituality, identities and sexualities, punk art and aesthetics, curatorial practices and the social and political legacy of the 1980s anarcho-punk movement.

PSN Conference: Punk and (DIY) Venues

Opening and Welcome December 4th
14:00 Opening of the 8th annual conference of PSN by Mike Dines
14:10 Opening and introduction to the first conference of PSN Netherlands by Anita Raghunath

Panel: Punk and venues, Chair: Marie Arleth Skov
14:15 Paper by Herman de Tollenaere: “Venues and punk concerts in greater Leiden 1976-1982”.
14:30 Paper by Marcel Stol about the longest-lasting DIY Punk (squat) venue in the Netherlands:  “Goudvishal Arnhem (1984-2007)
14:45 “Eerlijk Zullen We Allen Spelen” 25-minute documentary about former DIY venue SUB071 in Leiden by Minja Šarovi?, released in 2017.
15:10 Paper by Yorgos Paschos on DIY venues in the Netherlands in the post-2020 COVID-19 times: “Physical Space and Collective Identity- Making: DIY Cultural- Political Centers in Times of Lockdown

15:25 Discussion about the papers and the film

15:50 Final words by Anita Raghunath and preview of the conference “Women in Punk”

16:00 End

Register in advance for this webinar

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