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Brooklyn’s Typhoid Rosie Release Rousing New Feminist Anthem Defend Your Temple

The New York band drops another song from upcoming album Queen of Swords and delivers a high-energy sing-along alt/punk with pop hooks and indie grit.

“A punk song for every little girl who was sold a sham fairy tale, and is still waiting to be loved in such a disposable age: “She don’t need no prince, she don’t need no mice, she’ll make it on her own just fine!” says Rosie Rebel Typhoid Rosie’s lead singer about their latest tune.

“I would never sit a little girl down in front of a glowing screen to watch Cinderella. It’s not that I don’t believe in a good love story, it’s just the fact that generations of women have grown up with this idea that if we play dress up that some magical prince will come and save us.

“It’s a sham fairy tale about a girl who cries and waits for other people to come and save her- the mice, a fairy godmother, and finally a prince. She’s afraid that the prince won’t love her because she doesn’t have the right clothes. How is this any different from the plot of Pretty Woman?

“These are nice tales to get the kids shopping at a young age, but let’s be real and remember that all of this dress up won’t buy you love, but it does suggest that we should be seeking validation outside of ourselves. This is a magic formula that is worth billions: we see just enough airbrushed models every day – to keep us feeling just ugly enough to keep us shopping.

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“Truth be told, there’s not enough diet tricks, ass-cheek squats, breast implants, fake eyelashes, high heels, spanks and wrinkle creams to ever make someone love you. Real love is way deeper than that, it’s not so fleeting, shallow, or superficial. When your looks have faded, love is the thing that will drag its 90-year-old balls across the kitchen floor just to kiss your stank breath on your ageing face.

“But we never see this love story, because we’ve been told thousands of times a day by advertising companies that ageing is ugly, “anti-ageing.” You’ll be surprised by the impact these glowing images have had on our self-esteem and images of beauty.

“Personally, I think it’s so fucking sad, to discover that for an entire girl’s life it is way more profitable for companies to make her feel ugly than it is to build her up into becoming the magical person she was meant to be.

“This is why I wrote this song: ‘She don’t need no prince, she don’t need no mice, she’ll make it on her own just fine!’ All this work to make us look shiny for others, but what about cultivating your mind, soul, and talents and finding the reason you were put here.

“Personally, I want to see the girl who looks in the mirror and wonders about that badass bitch inside of her who’s ready to kick some ass. Have you thought about her lately? I fucking hope so – because your ancestors didn’t pass the torch of life to you to watch you sit around and wait for some person who may or may not show up.

“You weren’t meant to stagger through the streets on trash night at 3 o’clock in the morning with a broken high heel like some kind of a discarded wounded antelope. For god sake, Cinderella, get yourself a practical shoe! Love will come when you stop trying so hard to find something that’s already inside of you!

“And until love comes, it’s a perfect time to get your shit together and become grounded in yourself. But by then you’ll already have your Ivy League degree, your P.H.D. will have travelled the World, and have a couple of black belts just in case. If you’re not there yet, you need to do things that enrich your soul and unlock that magical thing.”

Recorded remotely at home in quarantine during COVID-19 (with the exception of drums and bass, recorded at Cannon Found Soundation in Brooklyn), ‘Queen Of Swords’ is Typhoid Rosie’s first new album since 2018’s ‘This Is Now’.

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