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Brody Dalle and Josh Homes face-off in court battle

Brody Dalle and Josh Homes

The Distillers’ lead singer denies ‘contemp of court’ in bitter custody battle with ex-husband Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme

Rolling Stone magazine recently reported that Josh Homme had accused Brody Dalle of violating their October 2020 custody agreement by barring him from seeing their three children — Camille, 15, Orrin, 10, and Wolf, 5 — since August 26th.

Homme has claimed that Dalle is “alienating” him from his children and is pleading for her to face fines and either community service or jail time.

The contempt charge stems from September 3rd after Dalle allegedly violated the couples equal custody agreement by not releasing the children into Homme’s care.

Brody Dalle

On September 8th, Dalle filed for restraining orders against Homme on behalf of their sons, Orrin and Wolf. The filing detailed Homme’s allegedly physical and verbally abusive relationship and accusations of driving the children whilst under the influence. The court ultimately denied this order on September 14th.

However, the couple’s daughter, Camille, was granted a restraining order against her father. In her affidavit, Camille claimed that she had witnessed Homme repeatedly threaten her mother and threaten “to kill, murder and shoot my mother’s boyfriend.”

Camille also alleged that Homme was physically and verbally abusive towards her and her brothers, claiming that he “physically disciplined” the children by grabbing ears, jabbing shoulders, grabbing the back of their necks, slapping the top of their heads and face-palming them.

“My brothers and I are afraid of retaliation from our father,” Camille writes. “We’re afraid that he might kill our mother or her boyfriend. We’re afraid he might hit us or continue to abuse us emotionally. Please, we just want it to stop.”

brody dalle 3

Homme’s attorney Susan E. Wesner maintains that this is all retaliation from Dalle. “We believe that this DV, which was prepared by Brody, in her handwriting on the forms, was filed in retaliation for Josh obtaining a TRO against Brody for her physical abuse of Josh, among other things involving the children,” she says.

In a statement after Dalle left the court, Homme stated:  “The hardest job in the world is to be a mom, but dads are important too. I’d wade through anything for my kids, even this,” he said.

The judge overseeing the case said he was contemplating appointing around-the-clock monitoring in each parent’s home in order to reach a judgement on the situation, starting from last Friday, October 15th.

“Her pleadings speak for themselves in the sense that she’s expressed how the children feel,” Dalle’s lawyer Doreen Olson told Rolling Stone following the hearing. “We just want the children to be healthy. We want the children to be helped.”

“That’s all I’m asking for, that my kids are safe. We have to protect kids. We should always protect kids,” Dalle added.

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