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Brazilian Punks MARS ADDICT Embrace Classic Punk Roots With Debut Album ‘Lamecoaster’

Take a mixed bag of every influential punk era so far and you get Brazilian punk band Mars Addict. Heavily laden with the simplistic sounds of the proto-punk bands of the ’60s, with a good dose of The Ramones, Green Day and Rancid influences Lamecoaster‘s tracks are fresh yet familiar.

Also drawing inspiration from legendary pioneering Brazilian punks Inocentes, you get a pure punk sound that screams its roots. With so many sub-genres across the scene today, finding a band that still lives and breathes the authenticity of punk roots is impressive.

The band dropped their debut album Lamecoaster earlier this year, every track holding its own space yet still oozing the band’s influences. Scared 2 and Snowboarding With My Dealer spew proto- punk style reminiscent of the 60’s versions of The Who, The Stooges, and The Beatles. The 90’s shine through with Rancid and Green Day influences on Chibi and One Heartbeat, a hymn for union and tolerance.

Bring on some hardcore with a soundtrack for the zombie apocalypse ringing out on Chainsaw Hedgemaze Mayhem. It wouldn’t be a punk album of the ’20s without a pop-punk vibe, even if it is heavily laden musically with the very roots of this sub-genre – The Ramones, Green Day – the angsty emotional energy of pop-punk pours out, whether it’s about missing school days in Back to School, remembering lost friends with In My Head or when love it is at its peak, Chibi and Not Your Song or when it is at the end, I’m Not Ok. There is just enough variety in the tracks to both flow seamlessly but not repetitiously.

Mars Addict is a band for punk fans of all ages and sub-genres. They are a brilliantly refreshing nod to the original foundations of punk music with their own secret formula. 

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