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Bob Vylan share video for their latest grime-punk ditty, ‘Northern Line’


Bob Vylan have shared their new video for ‘Northern Line’ their excellent two-minute grime-punk track – the latest release off the awesome We Live Here.

According to frontman and producer Bobby Vylan the original file for the recording goes back as far back as April 2019 and was originally called Please Mind The Gap.

Bob says Northern Line is a song about personal anxieties and a lot of it was written while he was travelling on the tube in London.

“The track is a walk through a part of my mind that I rarely talk about,” Bob explains. “Not being vocal about the stresses on the mind, anxiety, depression, feeling uncomfortable in certain social settings, a lot of the time we just keep these things bottled up for fear of appearing weak. Northern Line’ allowed me to talk it out.”

Turn up your speakers – this fucker needs to be played loud!

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